jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Sometimes Saints like helping twisted-"tamarindini" girls

I was running. I had 20 pesos in my pocket. When I finished, I put my hand inside it and the money was gone. I was running-walking to find it. Suddenly I remembered when my mother told me : everytime you loose something, just ask San Antonio, he'll help you, so, I was there asking my bill to a man I've never known, "San Antonio, please, I want my money back, please, let me find it".

Lost & found

As soon as I found it, I said at loud "¡Gracias San Antonio!" Some people were near and obviously they looked at me if I were a complete freak, anyway, I felt happy. When I came back home I told my mother about it. She told me " I told you Lorena! he really makes miracles! Now you have to pay him 13 coins for each thing you've lost". I have 3 days to pay him back...